Lakeview: 633 W. Addison Chicago, IL 60613 | Logan/Avondale: 3048 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60618
Lakeview: 633 W. Addison Chicago, IL 60613 | Logan/Avondale: 3048 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60618

My child needs therapeutic intervention: What are my next steps?

Learning Through Play’s home-based and center-based pediatric therapy programs are individually tailored for your child, incorporating progressive steps to help your child learn how be successful in the world around them.

We begin with a thorough assessment to determine the unique challenges your child faces. We then address those challenges through specific multidisciplinary therapies that will strengthen your child’s foundational needs.

Examples of typical goals we might strive toward include helping your child interact successfully with peers, helping your child decrease negative behaviors (e.g., biting, tantrums), helping your child follow adult directions, and helping your child learn how to successfully navigate a classroom setting.

All of our highly trained therapists integrate up-to-date research and clinical skills to help your child achieve their highest potential through play-based therapy sessions.

We offer home and center-based pediatric therapy

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Analysis (ABA)




Are you looking for a comprehensive therapeutic day program for your child?

Our Pyramid Therapeutic Preschool may be right for your child.

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Service Options for Families of Children with Special Needs

My child was diagnosed with...

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Developmental Delay

Speech Delay

Behavioral Concerns

Motor Delay

My concerns with my child are...

Not using words yet

Doesn’t follow directions

Not walking, stumbles, can’t sit still

Doesn’t play with toys, lines toys up or scatters toys

Easily frustrated, hits, throws things, tantrums

Doesn’t play well with others

Fights naps and bedtime

Is a picky eater

Service options include...

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Occupational Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Counseling/Family Support

Social Play Groups

Therapeutic Preschool


How to begin the therapy process...

Contact the Learning Through Play team.

We will develop a multidisciplinary program best suited for your family based on your child’s diagnosis and your main concerns.

Does your child not have a diagnosis?

If your child does not have a diagnosis but you have concerns regarding their development, contact us for a free consultation

Get to know our staff

Meet the group of talented individuals who are specialized in any of your child's potential needs

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  • We are very pleased with EB Pediatric Resources [Learning through Play Center.] Their staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. Our child has been attending since he was in EI, and we still do 1x/week for him to get more hands-on in a smaller group and socialize. Our child is on the spectrum of autism and things can get very overwhelming. We have gotten nothing but help from their facility with up-to-date services, even though my child aged out of EI. They go beyond their means to help parents and their children, even offer services one-on-one. We will always be grateful and thankful we were introduced to EBPR. I’ve seen a lot of children benefit. Thank you.

    Happy Parents
  • The structured playgroups at Learning through Play Center for Child Development were perfect for my son. I felt a regular preschool would have been too overwhelming, so the structured playgroups were a great “pre-preschool” for him. I feel it is even more important at this stage to help children learn to separate from the parent to the teacher, follow instruction, transition from one activity to the next, and get along with peers.

    JL (Psychologist and Mom)
  • My child was diagnosed with autism last year. When he started receiving therapy and going to the preschool classes at the Learning through Play Center, he wasn’t talking and couldn’t sit still. I saw such gains in his development after six months in the program – he was having fun, finally, with other children and he seemed able to participate in the singing circle and art time.

    Thankful Mom